Fresh. Clean. Water & Coffee Service.

Fresh. Clean. Water & Coffee Service.

Our Company

Bottledwater WebOver the last few decades, bottled water has become the beverage choice for over 5 million American consumers looking for a calorie-free, alcohol-free, artificial sweetener-free alternative.

For our customers, Indian Spring water is clearly the preferred choice.  Purified with Reverse-Osmosis, our sodium-free water is not only economically priced but packaged for home/work site delivery in five and three gallon bottles.  Indian Spring is also available in ½ liter bottles for convenience use.

Our customer base is supplied from a 12,000 square foot bottling facility located in Wilmington, NC.  From this location, containers are bottled to meet the needs of our customers.  Customer service and satisfaction have always been our top priority.


Costumer Testimonials

We have been with Indian Spring for several years and have been very pleased with the level of service we get with them.  They are reasonably priced and are quick to take care of any issues I may have, usually the same day.  I would highly recommend them!!!  

- Vivienne Bannerman
Empire Distributors of NC, Inc.